Sew by Row Challenge

This challenge was held 2016-2017

The winners have already claimed their prizes and the quilts have been sold

Only the patterns remain ... available as a personal challenge to you quilters ...

Theme: Spring Fling


In the spirit of fun and challenge, the Arizona Quilters Guild is sponsoring a Sew by Row Challenge to all our Chapters.  The theme of "Spring Fling" may be interpreted in any quilting medium and style.  This is a chance to showcase your individual Chapter personalities and skills in a spirit of TEAM fun and competition for a good cause. 

Chapter Pattern Challenge

The competition of the Chapter Pattern Challenge:

  • The completed Sew by Rows will be displayed at the 2016 Spring Meeting, and voted on by the membership present at the meeting.
  • The Sew by Row with the winning votes will receive $100 for Chapter charity sewing.
  • All the Sew by Rows will be made into completed quilts to be exhibited and auctioned off for charity/education at the 2017 AQG Quilt Arizona! Quilt Show.
  • After the Spring Meeting, all the Sew by Row patterns will be made available for download by the membership only.  All patterns will be copy righted to the Arizona Quilters Guild.

And the winner is ...

A Quail Country Spring

Quail Country Spring

See all the rows and download the patterns

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Completed quilts sold at
2017 Quilt Arizona! Live Auction

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