Red Rock Quilters Jan Chapter Report

Even with all the many things we have going on in December, the Red Rock Quilters always enjoy our December meeting. It is the most social meeting of the year and our leaders have a hard time getting us to listen and follow directions. We have a lot of fun!!!

A major part of our meeting was to elect the new Board for 2017. Our new board will be: Co-Presidents: Denise L and Eunice H, Secretary: Joyce B, Treasurer: Marjorie H, Co-Programs: Janice C and Patsy K, Newsletter: Diana U. Many thanks to our retiring board for their contribution to RRQ – Co-Presidents Mike B and Cynthia S, Secretary Margaret G, Treasurer Janet W and Co-Programs Lynda S.

We supported the Toys for Tots program in Sedona by bringing gifts for 12-14 years olds. The array of toys was amazing.

Our potluck was scrumptious, as always from the appetizers to the desserts. Our Hospitality Co-chairs, Barbara L and Theresa F did a wonderful job, as always. Our seating was determined by a draw of cards. When you found your matching card, you found out something about them you had never known before. We learned everything from what style underwear someone wears, to defense driving when cows on the road to the number of grandchildren in the group!!!

A gift exchange is done each December and this year it was a doozy! We each brought a yard of a “to die for” fabric that was neatly wrapped for the holidays. Our Co-President, Cytnthia S, wrote an original poem used to “exchange” the gifts. Everyone was delighted with the new fabric to add to their stash.

Our regular Show and Tell was filled with lots of gifts for the holidays. Samples included an Alzheimer’s activity mat (Lorrie P) and embellished panels (Marjorie H and Lynda S).

A major mission for us is the service quilts we make for many organizations. Each December we do a raffle drawing for the members who have so lovingly made these quilts. Our lucky winner this year was Vicki B (that’s her friend, Joyce Z, holding up her fingers to make Vicki laugh!)


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