The Git ‘Er Done Piecemakers Jan Chapter Report


Wow! We’re in a new year… Where did 2016 go? December flew by, and now a new month, a new year, and of course, for us quilters, many new quilts and more.

Our newly elected board members took their place this month at our business meeting. Thanks to the out- going members, great job done for all. And Welcome, new members! We know you’ll do great also….

Our Christmas Tea was a big hit. We enjoyed a variety of open-faced and also rolled tea sandwiches and many delicious cookies, along with an assortment of tea. Our tables were beautifully decorated and the program was fun and very good. We all contributed to make this a great Christmas party and we all deserve a pat on the back. We did our best, Sandra L! A little bit of FYI, we sadly lost Sandra L. this last summer to cancer. Sandra did our first tea when we started our quilting group. She was not only a “master” quilter, but a “master” tea maker also. We miss her dearly.

We have some interesting demos coming up. A new way of putting the 3 layers of a quilt together before machine quilting, and no pinning. JoAnn will be sharing that demo with us, and Julie will be sharing a new binding trick she has learned. As mentioned before, a great teacher of Quilt in a Day fame, is coming to do a workshop with us and the Hummingbirds, that being Eleanor Burns sister, Pat Knoechel. Also we will have a speaker sharing her knowledge of sewing machines over the years. And whatever else we can possibly get into this month.

Our charity quilting continues even though we are in the process of changing charitys to share our quilted hugs with. We are looking at several different places. In fact, by the time you are reading this, the decision will be finalized.

Our quilt show in March is already coming together, we have a quilt chairperson, from both groups, in place now and decisions will be coming soon. So ladies, get those projects ready, we need to fill up that big room. As always, we are also preparing for the boutique along with the Hummingbirds, as we have in other years. Save the date, March 4th, 2017! It isn’t too far off, the way time flies when you are having fun…So, Let’s go, ladies, and make it even better!!

Smile and Quilt and Quilt and Smile! 🙂


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