October President’s Letter

It’s official, it’s Fall! I love Fall, crisp morning air and cooler days. Yay! Just what we need after a hot, hot summer. Now that summer’s over and every-one’s back from vacations or heading south for the winter, it’s time to start new classes and projects, just like going back to school.

Earlier this month we had our Fall Chapter Chair Meeting, many new faces and some familiar ones as well. We hope that our program was informative and helpful for new chapter officers. Breakout sessions are meant to introduce chapters officers to one another and develop professional relationships among themselves. I believe we can all learn from each other.

The Fall Meeting is quickly approaching and we are planning this event with our 40th Anniversary in mind. We’d like to celebrate 40 years of history by attendees bringing their first quilt. A lot of us do not have our first quilt, so bring something that’s one of your early quilts. It will be a trip down memory lane as we see the colors and themes of the past.

As we look over our history, I can’t help but think what will the future be. Technology has crept into every facet of our life and as we struggle to keep up with advancements, we can always fall back on the basic skills and supplies as quilters. It’s simple needle, thread, scissors, fabric, and batting that we began with. What would it be like if we didn’t have those basic supplies?

The quilters in Houston, Texas are finding out what it’s like to start over. The West Houston Quilt Guild lost all their supplies; fabric, batting, and kits they had made for charity sewing and many finished quilts. They are determined to persevere and rebuild their supplies and make their charity quilts. It’s disheartening to know all the hard work that has been lost. AQG is joining with the Tucson Quilt Guild and collecting sewing supplies for the Houston area quilters guilds. Donations of fabric, batting, thread, scissors, pins, rulers, patterns/books, etc. Literally anything you use for quilting and have extra. It’s a perfect time to purge your sewing room and donate to those in need. The Tucson Quilt Guild will work closely with the Houston Area Quilt Guilds and deliver all donations to Houston after their members have secured adequate housing and basic needs have been met. It will take time to finish the cleanup efforts and securing repairs or even rebuilding.

Happy Fall!

Laura Niemann, AQG President


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