January President’s Letter

Dear Members,

I hope you have had a wonderful holiday season!  What tradition did you practice in getting ready for the New Year?  While each culture’s New Year celebration has its own flavor, there are certain common themes. The period leading up to New Year’s Day is a time for setting things straight: a thorough housecleaning, paying off debts, returning borrowed objects, reflecting on one’s shortcomings, mending quarrels, and giving donations.  This lays the groundwork to “finish” the old year and start the new year with a clean slate.

One definition of tradition is: “a belief or behavior passed down within a group or society with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past”.    It’s officially our 40th Anniversary Year and as we reach this major milestone I can only imagine how our traditions have evolved throughout these past 40 years.  If you read our mission statement you can see how our traditions are aligned with each element of the statement.  “The Arizona Quilters Guild was created in 1978 to promote the appreciation of fine quilts, sponsor and support quilting activities, encourage quiltmaking and collection, and to further the growth of Quilters’ education”.   Look below at how we connect our Mission Statement and Activities.

Mission Statement Supported Activities
Appreciation of fine quilts Annual Quilt Show
Sponsor and support quilting activities AQG Mini Grant Program
Community Service Projects
Encourage quiltmaking and collection Fall and Spring Meeting
Fellowship at Chapter Meeting’s
AQG Newsletter
Quilt Auctions and Opportunity Quilts
Further the growth of quilters’ education National Education and Traveling Teacher Chapter Programs

Your AQG Board is always thinking of ways to honor our traditions and to keep them relevant, fresh, and exciting to our members.  A lot has happened in 40 years, especially with the advancements of technology that even influences quilting.  Technology has changed the way we communicate, learn, and even shop, but nothing will ever replace spending time with one another and sharing experiences.  Let us never lose that special element of our guild!

Happy New Year!!

Laura Niemann, AQG President


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