August President’s Letter

Welcome to our new year of the Arizona Quilters Guild. Well that may be a bit confusing since we are on-going for over 40 years, but each July 1 we start with a new board and new members. We welcome those who are just joining us and are hopeful that you find friends, quilting buddies and lots of new knowledge as a result.

I am Charyl Garman, and it is my pleasure and responsibility to lead us throughout the year with the help of a capable Board of Directors. Please be sure to check out the names of our Board Members in a following section of this new issue of the “Chatter”, our amazing newsletter that contains a wealth of information.

Permit me to tell you a bit about me so we won’t be strangers. I am married and have 2 grown children, one who is the parent of 3 adopted boys ages 3, 4, 5 who are biological brothers. They live near us and are a delight. Our daughter is married and enjoys being an auntie since they have not been blessed with children.

I am now retired and am involved in various civic and church activities. I have an eclectic working background including being a recreation supervisor, a women’s ministry administrative assistant, a facility ministry director, receptionist and several volunteer positions. I am a Tempe resident and have been here since 1972 (almost a native), although I am truly a 4th generation northern California native. As to quilting, I have been quilting since 2007, when I began with a wedding quilt for our daughter (not the greatest project to begin with, but I made it). Since then I have made many quilts of various types and have attended many classes and seminars to learn and gain skills. I have been a member-at-large of AQG for several years.

I am committed to a successful year for the Arizona Quilters Guild and want to focus on building the membership especially with younger quilters; improving our opportunities for education through national teachers, traveling local teachers and other venues that both expose the community to our organization and provide educational opportunities for our membership.

I look forward to working with many wonderful, creative people to continue to move forward with AQG.

Until next month …



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